Bojana Jankovic

Marketing manager
Nanin recept s juga - Granny’s Recipe from the South

Bilateral Meetings

  • Friday 09:00-18:00
DescriptionHome production "Granny’s Recipe from the South - Nanin recept s juga" deals with the production of pickled and preserved food in a traditional way, according to the traditional recipes for processing vegetables and fruits from the south of Serbia. The most recognizable product is ajvar. Whole production process is manual and it is done in phases (vegetables are manually peeled, manually processed and hand-packed). Vegetables used in production (old domestic varieties of peppers, tomatoes, blue eggplant, black and white onion, etc) are from the region of Vranje, so the products have geographical origin. In addition, they are also produced on small farms and in a tradition manner. Apart from focusing on traditional preparation and taste,we are also dedicated to quality of the products that meet all standards of safe food production before reaching the costumers.
Organization Type Private company
City Vranje , Tetka Dokina 14
Areas of Activities

Food & beverage production