Miroslav Radivojević

Natura Gusto

Bilateral Meetings

  • Friday 09:00-18:00

Since the beginning of 2016, Natura Gusto produces quality and healthy food using only what we get from nature, without artificial colors, aromas, preservatives, flavor enhancers…We are a team od dedicated foodmakers with two decades of experience in making and merging quality and taste.

 The core of our business is our wish

·         to offer a choice of tasty, quality and reliable products...

·         to constantly discover and develop new, innovative tastes...

·          to share the pleasure of that discovery with food lovers in Serbia, the region and the world...

·         to be recognized as such a brand. For us, just as for our consumers, every detail counts, including pleasure – if we make food feeling joy, so will feel the ones we make it for. That is how our products came to be: rice cakes, rice chips and hummus spreads, each in four tastes, but we are on the verge on discovery of new products and unique combinations, for all who love a healthy exploration of beauty, taste and steady quality

Organization Type Private company
City Paraćin , Čepure bb
Areas of Activities

Food & beverage production