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DescriptionCollecting and procesing organic wild forest fruits and mushrooms.We are producing organic mother juices,ice teas,fruit spreads with no added sugar, deep frozen forest fruits an mushrooms.

NISHA doo. has been operating since 2010 and is now focused on harvesting and processing forest fruits.

In the village of Gradska, municipality of Crna Trava, in a winding gorge of two rivers and on the foundations of the old Roman town, we have established a plant for processing forest fruits, in an environmentally intact area and at the source of the highest quality raw material base in Serbia.

The high quality of our products can also be recognized by the fact that all our products are certified as organic. The products are with added value because they are collected in the Vlasina area, a mountain that is a protected natural property of national importance. Specific features of biodiversity, richness of flora and fauna, but also the purest hydrological resource characterize these terrains. It is important to note that the closest industrial facility is 35 km away from our facility and that the chemisation and modernization of agriculture in particular has almost never been applied.

The brand name is associated with the origin of the raw material, but also in a modern way of processing. Unlike traditional forestry processes with a high degree of cooking and added sugar, our products have a completely different approach to processing.

LESS IS MORE: Organic fruit spreads of blueberries, wild strawberries and black elderberries are minimally treated with no sugar added. We have preserved most of the nutritional qualities of forest fruits.

Our organic mother juices and other forest fruits products are 100% fruit. Our organic blueberry, black elderberry, blackberry, blackberry, cranberry juices are the true source of vitamins for winter days.

The program also includes iced teas based on Chaga, also originally from Vlasina, in combination with other forest fruits.

Organization Type Private company
Organization Size1-10
Founding Year2010
City Crna trava , Gradska bb
Areas of Activities

Food & beverage production