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DescriptionSrberry Natural Juice was founded on 30/5/2018. For a few years before, we had been producing juices as part of our agricultural holding. It is a family business with 5 (five) employees. The idea to begin producing juices stemmed from our desire not to simply sell our fruits as primary products, but rather use all the potentials available to us by starting production. Currently, we have our own Titania black currant and Willamette raspberry plantations. Due to an increased volume of production, we have entered into contracts with households in our immediate vicinity to purchase additional quantities of selected fruit. What sets our products apart from others is that our juices are sweetened with high-quality acacia honey combined with the best fruit varieties we use. Our juices provide full fruit taste combined with a softness obtained by the addition of honey. All this is accompanied by the scent of fresh fruit. Currently, the HORECA sector is our only sales channel, but given our capacity, as well as the equipment of our manufacturing facility, we are planning to expand our sales to the RETAIL sector soon. Our facility covers an area of 160 m2, while an additional 120 m2 is under construction. Juice production technology is tied exclusively to the processing of fruit with modern machines, with a lot of manual work that allows us to monitor every process in juice production. The current production capacity is 400 l in 8 hours.
We produce the following juices: - Raspberry with honey
- Black currant with honey - Blackberry with acacia honey - Strawberry with acacia honey - Apricot with acacia honey
On the market, our products can be found as Srberry Juices. In agreement with several customers, we produce juices on demand, that is, our products can be found as a brand. Our juices come exclusively in 0.2 l, 0.75 l and 1 l glass bottles, which in the best possible way to preserve their quality. Our production facility is located near Kosjerić, on a farm in the village of Divčevići, next to our plantations.
Organization Type Private company
Organization Size1-10
Founding Year2018
City Kosjerić , Karađorđeva 6
Areas of Activities

Food & beverage production