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DescriptionFOOD CONCEPT was officially founded and launched in 2015 and in a very short period the brand became available in all the leading retailing stores on the territory of Serbia and Montenegro. We started this because it was our hobby and also because of our passion for hot peppers . People around us liked the idea and, with support of our friends, we started producing more and more fresh chili. The work evolved and finally we started creating, making, processing chili peppers and making new products.

Our strength lies in high quality products made from raw materials produced in Serbia, based on world quality standards. All chili peppers are grown in Serbia. We do not use dried, powdered or imported chilli peppers. The policy of our company is that if we cannot make the product from fresh peppers, we would rather not make the product at all.

The Matador brand is a PREMIUM line of chilli sauces inspired by the cuisines of East Asia and Mexico. Our chili sauces are made from a mixture of chili peppers grown in Serbia. The smell and the taste of our chili sauces comes from a carefully selected mix of chili peppers. The smell is typical for chili peppers, while the taste is balanced and adapted, so it can be used as an addition to other dishes or when preparing various other sauces or dressings.            
Organization Type Private company
Organization Size1-10
Founding Year2015
City 35210 Svilajnac , Jovana Dučića 1
Areas of Activities

Food & beverage production