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  • Petak 09:00-18:00
OpisALDA 111 LLC was founded in December 2017 in Valjevo, the city of western Serbia. At the foot of the mountains of western Serbia, agricultural producers produce fruits and vegetables that are our main raw material. Our products were created in order to bring consumers closer to the traditional tastes of our region. We use several decades of old recipes, according to which our mothers and grandmas prepared. And in order to achieve complete authenticity, we try to get all our raw materials directly from farmers. Fruits and vegetables grown in Valjevo podgorini and at the foot of Sokolska planina guarantee that each bite will have full taste and aroma as it used to be. Without redundant supplements, minimum ingredients, for maximum health and taste. And all this is packaged in an elegant design.
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Godina osnivanja2017
Grad Valjevo , Beloševac b.b.
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